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Court dismissed Chinese company’s appeal

After the court hearing held on 25 December 2018, today (31 January 2019) we received the final judgment from the Xiamen Intermediate People’s Court, i.e. the court of the second instance, which dismissed the appeal lodged by the Chinese company in Xiamen in an international trade dispute with our client (a company in Brazil), and affirmed the original judgment issued by the court of the first instance, a district court in Xiamen, China.

In the case, we represented our client to bring a lawsuit against the Chinese company to claim for the refund of payments due to the company’s breach of contract.

The court of the first instance rendered a judgment in favor of our client. The Chinese company, the defendant in the case, did not accept the judgment and appealed to the Xiamen Intermediate People’s Court.

We hope the Chinese company would perform its obligations pursuant to the judgment, otherwise, we would represent our client to apply for the enforcement of the Judgment with the court in Xiamen.

(17 February 2019)





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